Jeb Bush Suspends

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush was in the race for some time. One of the first to announce his candidacy for President of the United States, and despite having spent about $44,000,000 on his campaign, he suspended his efforts last night after not faring as well as he’d like and need to in the South Carolina primary yesterday.

The stellar ‘cast’ or lineup of Republican field of candidates has thinned from 17 or 18 to 5. There were so many candidates early on and Jeb stayed in the race after others departed; Jeb Bush doesn’t fight for name recognition like others do!

Below, are photos of the remaining 5 GOP candidates and today, a short ‘blurb about Dr. Carson:

GOP candidates copy1

Ben Carson is humble, soft spoken and intelligent; a retired pediatric neurosurgeon (Emeritus) who has many common sense solutions to problems facing everyday Americans- which have escaped us for years.

He has the power of his convictions and the power of his faith, but but he never proselytizes. However, his humility should never be confused with weakness. Dr. Carson speaks from the head, which is strongly guided by his heart, faith and intellect.

Soft-spoken, and a political outsider, Dr. Carson rose to national prominence when he spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast some years ago. His candid criticisms of Barack Obama were tolerated (?) only in part, because he was a minister.

Dr. Carson is one of the political outsiders in this ‘race.’ He and Donald Trump shared this honor with Carly Fiorina, another candidate who recently suspended her campaign in this, the year of the ‘outsider’ candidate.



Was I blindsided or what? There are folks who don’t feel that social media should be used as a political forum.  I disagree, but they have a right to their opinion and they can ignore me if they so chose.

Me? I feel that we are social beings and we are free to show our lives-or at least a snapshot-of our lives if we want-on social media. My posts and responses aren’t loud, thoughtless or inappropriate; they are well thought-out and researched and not given to rant, rave or apoplexy.

Some friends like to post their grand-children’s photos; Me? I like to discuss and post my political views on social media; but I don’t feel that these two are mutually exclusive and I believe they both can be done responsibly. I don’t argue, I discuss and state the facts as I’ve read or researched them, I think you’d be right if you recognized me as one of the least confrontational and most respecting conservative bloggers.

However, this evening I was ‘unfriended’ by a personal friend. Shoot me now, but I think that who is at the helm of this ship which has (in my opinion) been rudderless the past 7 years, to be of import; in fact, I’ll go out on a limb here, that this election (be it local, statewide or national) to be a tad more important than those first day of school photos and toothless grin photos of children I’ll never meet. Either way, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Children are fun; they’re also our country’s future and worth the investment we make in them. I know Mom and Dad have had a hard day at work and may consider political posts as relaxing as a trip to the dentist. But, television channel-remotes are for just those situations. Oh, “you don’t like that show” Well, one wonderful thing about life in America is that if you don’t like what’s on, hit the up or down button on that remote and a different reality competes for your friendship!

I don’t get my undies in a bundle, I don’t sling mud or swear at people when I author or answer political posts. I state facts and make it known that if someone can pose other facts that cause me to change my mind, then my mind is changed.

At the risk of sounding melodramatic, is the future of our country, the obligation to our children in which we invest so much, not worth time, not worth feeling a bit uncomfortable?

Without risking the melodramatic, is the future of our country and the direction it is going, not worth time, not worth feeling a tad uncomfortable?


From 17 to 6, the GOP field narrowed further last week when Jim Gilmore, Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie left the race. Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, John Kasich and Ted Cruz remain.

6 finalists

How about a crib sheet about the candidates and their positions on immigration? I’m sure that these will be discussed at the CBS debates-which can be seen on CBS TV this eve at 8 PM Central time.

BEN CARSON: His stance on immigration involves always keeping in mind that we are a nation of immigrants and unfortunately, many decisions that have been made lately have caused members of the GOP to be labeled as xenophobes, racists and mean-spirited; while they attempt to solve a problem quite involved. Immigration used to mean something; citizenship, obeying the laws of the US, and participating in our electoral process, to name a few. He’d address legal as well as illegal immigration. his website

DONALD TRUMP: There must be a wall around the border because a nation’s soverignty is not assured if it’s border is penetrable. A nation without a secure border isn’t really a nation and a penetrable border is the cause of much that ails us, work-related issues, amnesty (which he disagrees with), and cheap labor to compete with American workers. his website

JEB BUSH: Using a technologically advanced system to enforce our borders, he would tighten and enforce existing immigration laws and enforce a very rigorous pathway to legal immigration for those who are here illegally. By improving infrastructure, the border will be patrolled more effectively (like boat ramps for the Coast Guard and new roads to improve effective patrolling of very remote federal land. Cartels know that this land is not patrolled well now, so this area is especially vulnerable. his website

MARCO RUBIO: Even though most of us are descended from immigrants or are immigrants, we are a nation of laws that need to be enforced to have an effective immigration system. Our current system is broken. Legal immigrants are becoming fewer and fewer while illegal immigration is increasing in frequency. He believes that a secure border is one way of preserving our national sovereignty. He also believes strongly that enforcing existing immigration laws is NOT anti-immigrant.

He will hire thousands of border patrol agents and will eliminate federal funding of sanctuary cities and he, too would wall the 700 miles of our southern border, deporting criminal illegal aliens.  his website

JOHN KASICH: Very likely the more electable of the candidates, John Kasich, as the governor of Ohio, believes that illegal immigration, the declaration of a caliphate, rise and thriving of ISIS are results of the lack of American leadership in the world and creation of a vacuüm in which ISIS spread. his website

TED CRUZ: Emphasizing that border security is part and parcel with national security, he sees enforcing the security of all of our borders as necessary for a good national defense, he would crack down on illegal immigration knowing that 40% of illegal immigrants have overstayed their Visas. He, too, would build a wall and vastly increase our border patrol and he has emphasized that this wall would work.

As long as American unemployment remains high, he would increase scrutiny about H-1-B Visas, no longer federally fund sanctuary cities, deportations of those here illegally would increase and he among others would end the current ‘catch and release’ of those here illegally who have committed crimes.  his website


Where have they gone?

The GOP race began with 17 candidates and narrowed somwhat after the Iowa caucuses and narrowed even more after the New Hampshire primaries. Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie both suspended their campaigns and the GOP candidates are ‘The Donald,’ Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ben Carson. Already Carly Fiorina has plans:

post election

It looks like she is looking forward and going to make a go of speaking engagements. Like her or not, she has some get up and go.

Even though she is no longer a presidential contender, I see a future for her, as she is the real deal. It is said that she’s not authentic and she ran Hewlett Packard into the ground. For the first 3 pages on ‘Google; all that can be found are articles which decry her ineptitude as a CEO, most of which exaggerate and are not specific in the least; but since when do most liberals present facts?

Many say she ‘lies’ about Planned Parenthood having sold baby parts and the Planned Parenthood videos have been edited. Yes, they were edited, but the things that were edited out, were inconsequential bathroom trips, commute time, and things like that. The official report found that the content of the tapes to be authentic. A good article describing South Carolina primary antics await the candidates who made the cut.

From where I sit, there are questions about whether Ben Carson and John Kasich have the ability to go much farther than SC, but Carson is known to appeal to many in the ‘Bible Belt.’

Chris Christie
Chris Christie

It is thought by some, and this is a stretch to me, that Chris Christie cut a deal with the Democratic party to exit the race and support their efforts in return for support in a presidential run in 2020 or 20024. I cannot imagine that from a former prosecutor who has vowed to demolish Hillary Clinton in a debate so he could win the election, but there are some members of his state (New Jersey) who do not feel that he would make a good president.

santorumAfter exiting the race, Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio,but many will remember the moment on MSNBC when Santorum was not able to state many achievements of Mr. Rubio.


And the field narrows

After the New Hampshire primary, these ‘finalists’ remained:

After NH

Chris Christie, VA governor, exited the race after a better showing than expected, but one not good enough to ‘bring in’ the donors. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate him for bringing a lot to the fore. He would have been a formidable opponent.

Also of note was the exit of Carly Fiorina from the race. Could you tell that she had my support? My diagnosis? America was not ready for her message-or at least they are not ready for that message coming from a woman.

Hers was not a hope and change message; it was a ‘challenge the status quo’ message and returning government to the hands of the people.

Carly’s message was a much more populist message, and in that sense only, it bore a similarity to the message from Bernie Sanders, but not as extreme. His is popular because of the freebies it offered-which were COMPLETELY impossible. Hers resonated because it would return government to what our framers intended. But, by their vote, the American people said they weren’t ready for that; as much as they express a desire for a change.

Also not working in Carly’s favor was the image she portrayed, and I believe it was mostly wrong. I believe that the image perceived by the American public was one of a power-hungry woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and if ‘you’ stand in my way, YOU stand to lose and ‘I will crush you’.

That’s not true, but if she was perceived that way…is it any wonder the establishment felt threatened-because she said she would challenge the status quo.’

One lesson I have learned is that we should never stop challenging our leaders, challenging them to bring the best of themselves to the ‘table.’

Why settle for a new norm? There is a difference between a tough call and a tough vote

Make yourself a cup of tea and spend 1/2 hour getting to know Carly Fiorina as New Hampshire got to know her a week ago. A political outsider and previous CEO of Hewlett-Packard, she’s been watching politics and seeing that they don’t work for us, anymore. Hers is a much-needed voice of common sense.

Having served as an advisor to John McCain’s 2008 campaign, she served on the external advisory board of the CIA holding high security clearance. She has served in policy-making positions for national and state governments.

Carly has led a number of charities and nonprofits, most recently: chair of Good 360, the non-profit charity which Forbes has ranked one of the 10 most effective worldwide charities.

In her presidential bid, she is currently running 6th in New Hampshire polls and is tied with Jeb Bush in the delegate counts, she’s running ahead of Chris Christie and Ben Carson. Give serious thought to this serious contender.

“Sit down and Be Quiet” because “We’ll Decide for You”

As controversy surrounds ABC’s decision not to allow her to debate despite doing better in recent New Hampshire’s polls than several other candidates, Carly Fiorina discusses how so many other entities/powers that be get a say in the election process, but that somehow, voters for whom the ‘system’ should work, get the short end of the ‘stick.’

It doesn’t matter what your political preference, I feel there is injustice here and were this your candidate, I know you’d like me to know that I could see injustice where it is.