Is the media picking our candidates?

She left Iowa as she promised, with the wind at her back, having equaled Jeb Bush in delegate counts, and placing ahead of Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jim Gilmore. In New Hampshire, in a poll THIS MONTH she’s ahead of Chris Christie and Ben Carson, but still, she is not included in the ABC-hosted RNC debates this evening.

There is committment, there is perseverence, the voters of New Hampshire have a right to vote with knowledge of all the candidates. Not just the chosen few!

But, for some reason, the media feels that it must chose the candidates to expose us to and has gone into the business of picking winners and losers. Or, could it be the Repblican National Committee, which, if it didn’t back Carly, shows that it is either gender-biased or clearly afraid of her. So, they sit back and do nothing.  The ‘little boy’s network…’


And the GOP field narrows even more

Well, we’ve left Iowa and are less than a week from the New Hampshire primary. Golly, I can’t even turn on the television without seeing 24/7 coverage of a town-hall in New Hampshire or commentary by the media, who in my mind, should stick to covering events, not predict the winners and losers. More on that later (next post)

Today, a very notable figure withdrew from the election. Yes, Rand Paul suspended his campaign, much to the chagrin of many and citing that he could do more good as Senator from Kentucky than as a Presidential candidate.

through randpaul

Paul’s Libertarian stance was loved by many and he was expected to do well in New Hampshire whose motto is “Live Free or Die.”

In other political news from today, it is EXPECTED, and the papers (as well as in the blogosphere) that Rick Santorum will announce suspension of his candidacy this evening. This would leave Republicans: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Jim Gilmore, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump actively in the race.

My predictions? Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Chris Christie will join John Kasich and Jim Gilmore and won’t go the distance. This will leave Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump for the Republican field if my predictions are correct; let’s call it ‘Pearson predicts.’ Which candidate do you feel will go the distance with the best message for America? Is it Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio or is it Donald Trump. In a later post, I’ll explain why I feel that person will be Carly Fiorina. If you support any of the other candidates, I invite you to write a guest post and tell me why you feel the candidate you support will win the hearts and minds of the American people.

Usually, people withdraw from campaigns for monetary reasons, because the level where they are requires television and radio ads, a ground ‘game’ salaried volunteers so all hope to get the financial backing of deep pockets! However, this year, the wealthy ‘Koch Brothers’ are not going to endorse any one particular candidate until after the primary season is over.

After the next debate and the NH primary, or maybe after South Carolina primary, the field will narrow even further. Stay tuned to this channel for more information!


Maps and surveys!

On television, I’m seeing all kinds of maps after the Iowa caucuses; maps of counties, maps of population in counties, maps of EVERY standing. But you saw it here, first: a facial map! This is a map of people who remain in the presidential run after the Iowa caucuses last eve:

map after iowa


Since the caucuses ended last evening, Mike Huckabee and Martin O’Malley have  suspended their campaigns. That brings the Democratic field to 2: Bernie Sanders and Hillary CLinton. Not much of a choice, there! NOTHING!  Socialism and complete lack of integrity and dishonesty for track records. No choice there!

This is how the Republican field ‘shook down’ after caucuses were closed:


The people feel that Carly Fiorina should occupy the stage more. It has been said that Chris Christie will suspend his campaign after the New Hampshire primary next week. There is a GOP debate hosted by CBS on 2/13; will Carly Fiorina occupy Christie seat? Why isn’t Carly Fiorina MENTIONED at all in discussions BY THE MEDIA?



So, the Iowa caucuses are this Monday, 2/1; and on 2/9 New Hampshire decides! Citizens are now waking up from a ‘long winter’s [political] nap’ and beginning to pay attention. Well, there are others who develop an interest after the conventions are over. I can’t do that; not when my candidate of choice is in the running.

Deciding what we want president is a personal choice. Yes, its very ideological; some want intelligence and aren’t easily swayed by ‘smooth-talk;’others value experience over policy. And still others like enthusiasm that comes with ‘fresh to politics’ (the Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Donald Trump of the GOP outsiders); while still others enjoy the freshness that may come with youth.

After hearing Martin O’Malley (Democrat) this morning, I really zoomed in to his likability. I know, I know, he represents the Democratic party. Am I off my rocker?  So relaxed and ‘at ease’ ON THE STUMP that I’m surprised he isn’t polling higher than he is; but then again, his competition is stiff.

That’s where I feel Carly Fiorina is, speaking to (not at) and she deftly connects WITH her audience. Carly is very capable and competent, but like Martin O’Malley she is up against some very stiff competition. Her response to that?, “Well, I’ll have to work twice as hard to get my message out;”

Election 2016 sort of personifies this. There is a terrorist threat, there remains wage stagnation, unemployment or under-employment there are concerns about candidness. The problems facing our nation are huge. Do you want your president to heal the divide-or do you want the next president to dive head on and fix the issues, first?

We all decide how important and how to prioritize what each candidate says AND does. Yet, others want to flesh out the details of the big  and justify how they think THEY’RE IMMATERIAL.

Immaterial? I heard this response on ‘Washington Journal’ this morning. “I can’t see the importance of these e-mails. I don’t know why Americans pay attention to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails instead of the wonderful platform she runs on.” AMERICA. WAKE UP?

America, am I missing something? Point out to me, the reason that I SHOULDN’T be concerned that Hillary Clinton may not see prosecution for putting ultra-sensitive information on her personal server. A Secretary of State who doesn’t see WHY some things are just so sensitive and why still other communications should NEVER see the light of day.

Merry Christmas-belated-from Carly Fiorina

It has been said that a candidate who expresses a faith, is proud of it and a personal use of that faith is a person who will “try to shove religion down your throat!”

This is the first time that I knew the strength of Carly Fiorina’s convictions and as much as I don’t have the faith that she has, I know that there is a place for all of us citizens of heaven!

Carly Fiorina gains momentum


This is one of Carly Fiorina’s best interviews-short of her lengthy speeches in which she discusses MOST of her positions.

In just over 11 minutes Ms Fiorina discusses her positions, both on her website and found here. Many of the positions can be found as videos in her ANSWERS section. Feel free to use them and document them, if you’d like.

She discusses and gives reasons why a politician isn’t necessarily the best choice for what ails this country at this time and not always is this a good idea. PERIOD. She also talks about the reasons why we need a concerted foreign policy in which America will lead.

Democratic Field has narrowed

Are GOP candidates egomaniacs with egos so big that they’ll stay in the ‘race to the White House’ just to spoil it for the others, do a disservice to their country? No. Every now and then, my thoughts turn to why they do it.
But, once vetted and with their message(s) across, I should think they would welcome the opportunity to sleep in, not eat another rubber chicken dinner and relax!
The Democratic field has narrowed OR never formed in the first place, but some Republican candidates  hold their own-well, they may not hold their own, but they take a licking and keep on ticking…

The Democratic field as it stands today: (see below). Elizabeth Warren and VP Joe Biden never entered ‘the race’ and Jim Webb ‘got out’ several weeks ago.

democraticcandidates copy

Hillary Clinton (top right)

Bernie  Sanders,  Martin O’Malley