The GOP Texas Debates

Trumpsignspledge  marcorubio  tedcruz2All 5 Republican candidates discussed the issues very intelligently . These are among the best and the brightest of the Republican party. That said, these three candidates (besides engaging in the debate),  whined, bickered, threw mud and argued like petulant children at times, minimizing the impact of their campaigns on reasonable Americans who don’t like childish antics. Their scream-fest only brought more attention to:

carson johnkasichBen Carson and John Kasich managed to stay above the fray. Unfortunately for ‘gentle Ben,’ his mild-mannered responses while loaded with common sense and honesty, weren’t noticed often enough.

But, John Kasich drew huge applause on the issue of negotiations between Apple Computers and the executive branch, comparing President Obama’s inept negotiation skills to national security. It was one of Kasich’s stand out moments where he made an opportunity to be heard.

However, are Carson and Kasich  done, now, relegated to ‘yesterdays stars?’ Are they overshadowed by the mudslinging Trump, Rubio and Cruz show?? Au contraire! Ben Carson and John Kasich stood out for their anti-bickering posture, but Carson wasn’t able to-or just plain did not, make enough air time moments to showcase what he could offer. Pity. Because his is a moral compass which we could all embrace.

John Kasich did. He took advantage of every opportunity to make constructive statements while he stood back and let Trump, Rubio and Cruz pummel each other and joust.


Why settle for a new norm? There is a difference between a tough call and a tough vote

Make yourself a cup of tea and spend 1/2 hour getting to know Carly Fiorina as New Hampshire got to know her a week ago. A political outsider and previous CEO of Hewlett-Packard, she’s been watching politics and seeing that they don’t work for us, anymore. Hers is a much-needed voice of common sense.

Having served as an advisor to John McCain’s 2008 campaign, she served on the external advisory board of the CIA holding high security clearance. She has served in policy-making positions for national and state governments.

Carly has led a number of charities and nonprofits, most recently: chair of Good 360, the non-profit charity which Forbes has ranked one of the 10 most effective worldwide charities.

In her presidential bid, she is currently running 6th in New Hampshire polls and is tied with Jeb Bush in the delegate counts, she’s running ahead of Chris Christie and Ben Carson. Give serious thought to this serious contender.

“Sit down and Be Quiet” because “We’ll Decide for You”

As controversy surrounds ABC’s decision not to allow her to debate despite doing better in recent New Hampshire’s polls than several other candidates, Carly Fiorina discusses how so many other entities/powers that be get a say in the election process, but that somehow, voters for whom the ‘system’ should work, get the short end of the ‘stick.’

It doesn’t matter what your political preference, I feel there is injustice here and were this your candidate, I know you’d like me to know that I could see injustice where it is.

Is the media picking our candidates?

She left Iowa as she promised, with the wind at her back, having equaled Jeb Bush in delegate counts, and placing ahead of Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jim Gilmore. In New Hampshire, in a poll THIS MONTH she’s ahead of Chris Christie and Ben Carson, but still, she is not included in the ABC-hosted RNC debates this evening.

There is committment, there is perseverence, the voters of New Hampshire have a right to vote with knowledge of all the candidates. Not just the chosen few!

But, for some reason, the media feels that it must chose the candidates to expose us to and has gone into the business of picking winners and losers. Or, could it be the Repblican National Committee, which, if it didn’t back Carly, shows that it is either gender-biased or clearly afraid of her. So, they sit back and do nothing.  The ‘little boy’s network…’

Merry Christmas-belated-from Carly Fiorina

It has been said that a candidate who expresses a faith, is proud of it and a personal use of that faith is a person who will “try to shove religion down your throat!”

This is the first time that I knew the strength of Carly Fiorina’s convictions and as much as I don’t have the faith that she has, I know that there is a place for all of us citizens of heaven!

Carly Fiorina gains momentum


This is one of Carly Fiorina’s best interviews-short of her lengthy speeches in which she discusses MOST of her positions.

In just over 11 minutes Ms Fiorina discusses her positions, both on her website and found here. Many of the positions can be found as videos in her ANSWERS section. Feel free to use them and document them, if you’d like.

She discusses and gives reasons why a politician isn’t necessarily the best choice for what ails this country at this time and not always is this a good idea. PERIOD. She also talks about the reasons why we need a concerted foreign policy in which America will lead.