“Sit down and Be Quiet” because “We’ll Decide for You”

As controversy surrounds ABC’s decision not to allow her to debate despite doing better in recent New Hampshire’s polls than several other candidates, Carly Fiorina discusses how so many other entities/powers that be get a say in the election process, but that somehow, voters for whom the ‘system’ should work, get the short end of the ‘stick.’

It doesn’t matter what your political preference, I feel there is injustice here and were this your candidate, I know you’d like me to know that I could see injustice where it is.


Is the media picking our candidates?

She left Iowa as she promised, with the wind at her back, having equaled Jeb Bush in delegate counts, and placing ahead of Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jim Gilmore. In New Hampshire, in a poll THIS MONTH she’s ahead of Chris Christie and Ben Carson, but still, she is not included in the ABC-hosted RNC debates this evening.

There is committment, there is perseverence, the voters of New Hampshire have a right to vote with knowledge of all the candidates. Not just the chosen few!

But, for some reason, the media feels that it must chose the candidates to expose us to and has gone into the business of picking winners and losers. Or, could it be the Repblican National Committee, which, if it didn’t back Carly, shows that it is either gender-biased or clearly afraid of her. So, they sit back and do nothing.  The ‘little boy’s network…’

Maps and surveys!

On television, I’m seeing all kinds of maps after the Iowa caucuses; maps of counties, maps of population in counties, maps of EVERY standing. But you saw it here, first: a facial map! This is a map of people who remain in the presidential run after the Iowa caucuses last eve:

map after iowa


Since the caucuses ended last evening, Mike Huckabee and Martin O’Malley have  suspended their campaigns. That brings the Democratic field to 2: Bernie Sanders and Hillary CLinton. Not much of a choice, there! NOTHING!  Socialism and complete lack of integrity and dishonesty for track records. No choice there!

This is how the Republican field ‘shook down’ after caucuses were closed:


The people feel that Carly Fiorina should occupy the stage more. It has been said that Chris Christie will suspend his campaign after the New Hampshire primary next week. There is a GOP debate hosted by CBS on 2/13; will Carly Fiorina occupy Christie seat? Why isn’t Carly Fiorina MENTIONED at all in discussions BY THE MEDIA?


CNN Republican party primary debates WEDNESDAY-TOMORROW- eve!

CNN debates

Wesdnesday evening CNN will broadcast it’s GOP primary debates live from the Reagan Library. The GOP field in the debates include, but are not limited to (some of these faces you may recognize, some you may not!). I’ll try and get faces in alphabetical order.

tedcruz2  jebbush   carson   chrischristie   carlyfiorina   johnkasich   bobbyjindahl   randpaul   marcorubio   lindsaygraham

      scottwalker   santorum      Trumpsignspledge