Where have they gone?

The GOP race began with 17 candidates and narrowed somwhat after the Iowa caucuses and narrowed even more after the New Hampshire primaries. Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie both suspended their campaigns and the GOP candidates are ‘The Donald,’ Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ben Carson. Already Carly Fiorina has plans:

post election

It looks like she is looking forward and going to make a go of speaking engagements. Like her or not, she has some get up and go.

Even though she is no longer a presidential contender, I see a future for her, as she is the real deal. It is said that she’s not authentic and she ran Hewlett Packard into the ground. For the first 3 pages on ‘Google; all that can be found are articles which decry her ineptitude as a CEO, most of which exaggerate and are not specific in the least; but since when do most liberals present facts?

Many say she ‘lies’ about Planned Parenthood having sold baby parts and the Planned Parenthood videos have been edited. Yes, they were edited, but the things that were edited out, were inconsequential bathroom trips, commute time, and things like that. The official report found that the content of the tapes to be authentic. A good article describing South Carolina primary antics await the candidates who made the cut.

From where I sit, there are questions about whether Ben Carson and John Kasich have the ability to go much farther than SC, but Carson is known to appeal to many in the ‘Bible Belt.’

Chris Christie
Chris Christie

It is thought by some, and this is a stretch to me, that Chris Christie cut a deal with the Democratic party to exit the race and support their efforts in return for support in a presidential run in 2020 or 20024. I cannot imagine that from a former prosecutor who has vowed to demolish Hillary Clinton in a debate so he could win the election, but there are some members of his state (New Jersey) who do not feel that he would make a good president.

santorumAfter exiting the race, Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio,but many will remember the moment on MSNBC when Santorum was not able to state many achievements of Mr. Rubio.



And the field narrows

After the New Hampshire primary, these ‘finalists’ remained:

After NH

Chris Christie, VA governor, exited the race after a better showing than expected, but one not good enough to ‘bring in’ the donors. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate him for bringing a lot to the fore. He would have been a formidable opponent.

Also of note was the exit of Carly Fiorina from the race. Could you tell that she had my support? My diagnosis? America was not ready for her message-or at least they are not ready for that message coming from a woman.

Hers was not a hope and change message; it was a ‘challenge the status quo’ message and returning government to the hands of the people.

Carly’s message was a much more populist message, and in that sense only, it bore a similarity to the message from Bernie Sanders, but not as extreme. His is popular because of the freebies it offered-which were COMPLETELY impossible. Hers resonated because it would return government to what our framers intended. But, by their vote, the American people said they weren’t ready for that; as much as they express a desire for a change.

Also not working in Carly’s favor was the image she portrayed, and I believe it was mostly wrong. I believe that the image perceived by the American public was one of a power-hungry woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants and if ‘you’ stand in my way, YOU stand to lose and ‘I will crush you’.

That’s not true, but if she was perceived that way…is it any wonder the establishment felt threatened-because she said she would challenge the status quo.’

One lesson I have learned is that we should never stop challenging our leaders, challenging them to bring the best of themselves to the ‘table.’

“Sit down and Be Quiet” because “We’ll Decide for You”

As controversy surrounds ABC’s decision not to allow her to debate despite doing better in recent New Hampshire’s polls than several other candidates, Carly Fiorina discusses how so many other entities/powers that be get a say in the election process, but that somehow, voters for whom the ‘system’ should work, get the short end of the ‘stick.’

It doesn’t matter what your political preference, I feel there is injustice here and were this your candidate, I know you’d like me to know that I could see injustice where it is.

Is the media picking our candidates?

She left Iowa as she promised, with the wind at her back, having equaled Jeb Bush in delegate counts, and placing ahead of Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Jim Gilmore. In New Hampshire, in a poll THIS MONTH she’s ahead of Chris Christie and Ben Carson, but still, she is not included in the ABC-hosted RNC debates this evening.

There is committment, there is perseverence, the voters of New Hampshire have a right to vote with knowledge of all the candidates. Not just the chosen few!

But, for some reason, the media feels that it must chose the candidates to expose us to and has gone into the business of picking winners and losers. Or, could it be the Repblican National Committee, which, if it didn’t back Carly, shows that it is either gender-biased or clearly afraid of her. So, they sit back and do nothing.  The ‘little boy’s network…’


So, the Iowa caucuses are this Monday, 2/1; and on 2/9 New Hampshire decides! Citizens are now waking up from a ‘long winter’s [political] nap’ and beginning to pay attention. Well, there are others who develop an interest after the conventions are over. I can’t do that; not when my candidate of choice is in the running.

Deciding what we want president is a personal choice. Yes, its very ideological; some want intelligence and aren’t easily swayed by ‘smooth-talk;’others value experience over policy. And still others like enthusiasm that comes with ‘fresh to politics’ (the Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Donald Trump of the GOP outsiders); while still others enjoy the freshness that may come with youth.

After hearing Martin O’Malley (Democrat) this morning, I really zoomed in to his likability. I know, I know, he represents the Democratic party. Am I off my rocker?  So relaxed and ‘at ease’ ON THE STUMP that I’m surprised he isn’t polling higher than he is; but then again, his competition is stiff.

That’s where I feel Carly Fiorina is, speaking to (not at) and she deftly connects WITH her audience. Carly is very capable and competent, but like Martin O’Malley she is up against some very stiff competition. Her response to that?, “Well, I’ll have to work twice as hard to get my message out;”

Election 2016 sort of personifies this. There is a terrorist threat, there remains wage stagnation, unemployment or under-employment there are concerns about candidness. The problems facing our nation are huge. Do you want your president to heal the divide-or do you want the next president to dive head on and fix the issues, first?

We all decide how important and how to prioritize what each candidate says AND does. Yet, others want to flesh out the details of the big  and justify how they think THEY’RE IMMATERIAL.

Immaterial? I heard this response on ‘Washington Journal’ this morning. “I can’t see the importance of these e-mails. I don’t know why Americans pay attention to Hillary Clinton’s e-mails instead of the wonderful platform she runs on.” AMERICA. WAKE UP?

America, am I missing something? Point out to me, the reason that I SHOULDN’T be concerned that Hillary Clinton may not see prosecution for putting ultra-sensitive information on her personal server. A Secretary of State who doesn’t see WHY some things are just so sensitive and why still other communications should NEVER see the light of day.

CNN Republican party primary debates WEDNESDAY-TOMORROW- eve!

CNN debates

Wesdnesday evening CNN will broadcast it’s GOP primary debates live from the Reagan Library. The GOP field in the debates include, but are not limited to (some of these faces you may recognize, some you may not!). I’ll try and get faces in alphabetical order.

tedcruz2  jebbush   carson   chrischristie   carlyfiorina   johnkasich   bobbyjindahl   randpaul   marcorubio   lindsaygraham

      scottwalker   santorum      Trumpsignspledge