The GOP Texas Debates

Trumpsignspledge  marcorubio  tedcruz2All 5 Republican candidates discussed the issues very intelligently . These are among the best and the brightest of the Republican party. That said, these three candidates (besides engaging in the debate),  whined, bickered, threw mud and argued like petulant children at times, minimizing the impact of their campaigns on reasonable Americans who don’t like childish antics. Their scream-fest only brought more attention to:

carson johnkasichBen Carson and John Kasich managed to stay above the fray. Unfortunately for ‘gentle Ben,’ his mild-mannered responses while loaded with common sense and honesty, weren’t noticed often enough.

But, John Kasich drew huge applause on the issue of negotiations between Apple Computers and the executive branch, comparing President Obama’s inept negotiation skills to national security. It was one of Kasich’s stand out moments where he made an opportunity to be heard.

However, are Carson and Kasich  done, now, relegated to ‘yesterdays stars?’ Are they overshadowed by the mudslinging Trump, Rubio and Cruz show?? Au contraire! Ben Carson and John Kasich stood out for their anti-bickering posture, but Carson wasn’t able to-or just plain did not, make enough air time moments to showcase what he could offer. Pity. Because his is a moral compass which we could all embrace.

John Kasich did. He took advantage of every opportunity to make constructive statements while he stood back and let Trump, Rubio and Cruz pummel each other and joust.


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