Where have they gone?

The GOP race began with 17 candidates and narrowed somwhat after the Iowa caucuses and narrowed even more after the New Hampshire primaries. Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie both suspended their campaigns and the GOP candidates are ‘The Donald,’ Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Ben Carson. Already Carly Fiorina has plans:

post election

It looks like she is looking forward and going to make a go of speaking engagements. Like her or not, she has some get up and go.

Even though she is no longer a presidential contender, I see a future for her, as she is the real deal. It is said that she’s not authentic and she ran Hewlett Packard into the ground. For the first 3 pages on ‘Google; all that can be found are articles which decry her ineptitude as a CEO, most of which exaggerate and are not specific in the least; but since when do most liberals present facts?

Many say she ‘lies’ about Planned Parenthood having sold baby parts and the Planned Parenthood videos have been edited. Yes, they were edited, but the things that were edited out, were inconsequential bathroom trips, commute time, and things like that. The official report found that the content of the tapes to be authentic. A good article describing South Carolina primary antics await the candidates who made the cut.

From where I sit, there are questions about whether Ben Carson and John Kasich have the ability to go much farther than SC, but Carson is known to appeal to many in the ‘Bible Belt.’

Chris Christie
Chris Christie

It is thought by some, and this is a stretch to me, that Chris Christie cut a deal with the Democratic party to exit the race and support their efforts in return for support in a presidential run in 2020 or 20024. I cannot imagine that from a former prosecutor who has vowed to demolish Hillary Clinton in a debate so he could win the election, but there are some members of his state (New Jersey) who do not feel that he would make a good president.

santorumAfter exiting the race, Rick Santorum endorsed Marco Rubio,but many will remember the moment on MSNBC when Santorum was not able to state many achievements of Mr. Rubio.