Democrat and Republican; forget the color and unite benign Old Glory!


Her beauty unmatched,

Her heart so pure,

Her arms open wide,

and her love so sure.

I grew up confident in her fidelity,

Knowing there was no subterfuge,

No animosity.

She would always defend,

Stand tall and strong,

Go the distance and

Sing her song,


I pursued my life with confidence sure,

In my freedom and my happiness,

Defended by her.

Now in my elder years,

I am stunned to find,

My darkest fears,

For the very first time,

Come from within,

One so kind.

In my mind I was secure,

With such honesty and loyalty,

she was there,

Established on lofty dreams,

of free men all.

Now to find, at her helm

men of avarice,

serve themselves,

steal her dreams,

dismantle her foundation,

Where all once were equal.

I see today,

Her reflection so dim,

Yet I still love her,

I still have hope,

That men of honor,

As statesmen…

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