Special Prosecutor Announces Decision to Charge George Zimmerman

The special prosecutor appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to investigate the murder of Trayvon Martin has announced a decision to charge George Zimmerman in the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. This  has unleased a new wave of violence throughout the country.

Angela Corey, appointed by Rick Scott, will announce at 6 PM EST today on what charges she will be prosecuting George Zimmerman. In Florida, there are several potential charges that may be made. At this time, there was no response from the defense team who says they have been unable to contact Mr. Zimmerman.

In the meantime, The New Black Panther party, incited by Al Sharpton and others, placed a ‘bounty’ on George Zimmerman’s head of  $10,00.00. My feeling is that that is the reason that the defense team has been unable to reach him and because of that, has withdrawn as defense counsel. Ms. Angela Williams, chief of staff for the New Black Panther Party has said in an interview which has somewhat offensive language:

Michelle Williams video

Is all this violence needed? Is this ‘avenging’ the death of Trayvon Martin? I’m all for justice, but not for the sort of vigilante justice that The New Black Panther Party seems to advocate. Call me old school, but I believe in American jurisprudence.


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    1. I can’t believe the mayor’s reaction to news we all knew. Was it because he’d now caught red-handed?


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