Trayvon Martin

We’ve all heard accounts of young Trayvon Martin’s tragic death and how the alleged slayer hasn’t been arrested. Is this justice? Or is there not probable cause to determine that  George Zimmerman broke the law?

Don’t we have the facts needed to make a slam-dunk case for arrest? After all, George Zimmerman is alive; Trayvon Martin is dead.

While this is true, we have a law in this country that a man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I’m also sure that I read somewhere that due process needs to be followed.

Is it possible the police have all the information they need from Mr. Zimmerman and that they don’t feel that they need him under lock and key at the station? After all, the Black Panther’s and other protest groups have him under house arrest: several others have acted shamelessly in his name.

We should all be concerned that justice is done in Trayvon Martin’s name. But, my bigger concern: Why is a cause célèbre made of Trayvon Martin’s death and not of the other hundreds-or is it thousands of other teenagers who die? Why does the death of an African American teen garner more attention than other teens? All are (forgive what sounds indecent) equally dead.

It is my sincere hope is that justice is reached for Trayvon; as well as that justice is always reached for everyone who is a victim of violence and that we learn to live in peace.

This should prompt a national dialog. However, that national dialog should take into consideration that NO death is justified. There has been no coverage of the hispanic, asian caucasian deaths. Let’s have a national dialog about the drive by shooting which left a defenseless infant dead and the 40+ teen deaths in Chicago; not (although incredibly unfortunate) make Trayvon Martin the only chid in the world that has ever been harmed. Let’s discuss them ALL.


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