Issues of the Day

Welcome to my new blog, which I could just as easily call “A Blog About Nothing.” No, this blog isn’t about nothing, there will be substance each time; substance with which you may or may not agree. We’ll talk about current events and talk about things that you’d like me to address. Just us the ‘CONTACT’ form at the top, and your message will go directly to me-to no-one else!

Today, we’ll open a dialog about the shooting of Trayvon Martin, the teen in Florida who was shot to death. I’ll not politicize this tragedy, but we can talk about the facts, that a teen was shot. His skin color does not matter. Out dialog needs to be about ALL the teens, ALL children, ALL people.

What can we as a nation do to prevent this tragedy from happening again? Work on hate crime legislation? Do we know that this was a hate crime? Should more emphasis be placed on gun registration and interviewing potential owners after they’ve  bought a weapon and determining psychological stability.

I think it might be time for a dialog about this and so many more items; Washington doesn’t seem to make the changes (IMHO) so that it is up to us to get involved locally and when possible, get involved nationally. Welcome to my blog!